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here are the five hidden keys to permanent weight loss you can get healthier and live a more energized life without dieting or restriction.

Discover the 5 Hidden Keys to Simple, Healthy, & Permanent Weight Loss

How to Hack Your Brain To Make Healthy Habits Stick in 2024

Whether you’re struggling to eat healthier and more nutritious meals or hit the gym more consistently, unhealthy habits are hard to break! I know EXACTLY how frustrating it can be. You can thank your brain’s hardwiring for this one. Yep, your brain LOVES patterns and habits. Any habit, good or bad, is rooted in your brain’s neural pathways (whether you like it or not!).  

This is why trying to create new and healthy habits can feel like you’re swimming against the current. It’s time to break those old habits that aren’t giving you a healthy mind and body. Now, you need to figure out how to hack your brain to make healthy habits stick. Change your habits, change your life—that’s the goal!  

So, how do you become healthy by habit? You need to retrain your brain to create NEW pathways that are committed to health and wellness. No, there’s no Jedi mind trick involved. You already have everything you need to change your habits from within. Now, bring on the brain hacks! 

Fall Into Healthy Habits With These Brain Hacks

The first step to hacking your brain is to get specific with the healthy habits you want to add to your life—this way, you know exactly what you’re aiming to achieve. You can start with one habit at a time and then move on to the next one. Maybe you want to reach your happy weight or focus on eating healthier. Whatever your end goal is, focus on rewiring your brain with healthy habits to help you get there!

Get your brain to work for you, NOT against you! These brain hacks will help you form those new pathways that will get you on track to a healthy mind and body.  

Here’s how to hack your brain to make healthy habits stick: 

Start Small for Big Results 

Take baby steps since it’s easier for your brain to adjust to gradual changes. Instead of working out five days a week, you might start with just two days a week. Take your larger goals and break them down into smaller, more manageable ones that you can build from. Doing this can help you stay on track and become healthy by habit. 

Focus on Consistency and Repetition 

The more you do something regularly, the easier it’ll be to stick to it. If you want to rewire your brain, repetition is key. When you consistently practice healthier habits (eating more protein, reducing your sugar intake, monitoring your portions, etc.), your brain starts to create new pathways and routines.  

Use the Power of Visual Cues 

This one is for those of you who struggle with motivation when trying to pick up a new healthy habit. If you want to start working out in the morning, grab your workout clothes the night before and lay them out where you can see them. This way, your brain will see the clothes when you wake up and think, “Oh, okay. It’s time to work out.”  

Celebrate Your Wins Along the Way 

No matter how big or small your accomplishments are, acknowledging your progress triggers your brain’s reward system. This helps to reinforce those neural pathways for your new healthy habits. Did you eat a healthy lunch today instead of grabbing fast food? Celebrate it, girl! Every time you complete your new habit, it’s a win. 

Practice Mindfulness 

If you’re already a fan of meditation, use this to your advantage! And if you’re new to it, consider trying your hand at it (there’s no harm in giving it a shot). One method of meditation is visualization, where you imagine yourself successfully completing your healthy habits. This further reinforces those pathways you’re creating. Your mindset is a powerful tool, so strengthen your mind as much as your body. 

Find an Accountability Partner 

Find a group that supports your progress, or grab yourself an accountability partner (such as a health and nutrition coach like me!). Those connections will help you work toward your goal and stick with your new habits. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey or trying to be healthier overall, having someone in your corner who’s there to cheer you on helps you stay on track.  

Rewire Your Brain for a Healthy Mind and Body 

On your journey to learn how to hack your brain to make healthy habits stick, you’re bound to run into some roadblocks along the way. This might show up as a lack of motivation, procrastination, exhaustion, or resistance to change. Your brain will only fall into healthy habits if you act and put in the effort. You need to keep at it and be committed to health practices that create new healthy habits for yourself.  

Remember, building healthy habits takes time. It won’t happen overnight! These aren’t quick fixes, fad diets, or temporary changes. The goal is to LITERALLY rewire your brain pathways so you change your overall lifestyle. Aim for lasting changes that build over time through taking those small steps toward a healthier and happier YOU.  

Are you ready to develop long-term habits you’ll actually stick to? I can help you get there! With my 1:1 coaching, we’ll work together to set your health goals and create a custom holistic plan. Here’s to healthy habits in the new year!

After years of fad diets, I found myself in an unending cycle of failure. Trying to figure out a healthy lifestyle on my own left me feeling confused and alone. After discovering the science behind food and the behaviors that impact lasting change - I've never gone back. Now, my passion is to help women live energetic and confident lives without the yo-yo dieting.

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