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here are the five hidden keys to permanent weight loss you can get healthier and live a more energized life without dieting or restriction.

Discover the 5 Hidden Keys to Simple, Healthy, & Permanent Weight Loss

Conquer the Holidays with ‘Pick 3’ Technique

When the holidays roll around, it’s easy to get carried away with all the delicious food and drinks, making it tough to stick to our health goals. But fear not! I’ve got a trick up my sleeve called “Pick 3,” and it’s been a game-changer in staying healthy- even when you are in slim-down mode while still enjoying the holiday cheer!

So what’s the “Pick 3” technique?

It’s about figuring out the three most important things to you, or your non-negotiables. Then making sure you stick to them, no matter how tempting all those holiday food and drinks may be.

Sometimes, our brains try and trick us into overeating because it’s trying to fill a void or a need, even if eating isn’t the best way to do it. When you commit to “Pick 3,” you’re telling your brain, “Hey, I hear you, but let’s find better ways to meet these needs.”

Why only 3?

“Pick 3” ensures that your top 3 most important needs become those non-negotiables.

For example, this Christmas, while I’m chilling with my family, my “Pick 3” includes:

  1. Eat my must-have foods (with protein, healthy fats, fiber)
  2. Getting 8-9 hours of great quality sleep.
  3. Hitting 8,000 steps at least 4 times the holiday week. 

When I stick to these three things, I find I can enjoy the holiday fun without feeling guilty about my health goals.

So, what could your “Pick 3” be for this holiday season? I try to treat the holidays like any other regular day—no saving up all my calories for one massive feast. Think about the three most important things that’ll help you enjoy the holidays while staying true to your wellness goals. Commit to the “Pick 3” method and take charge of your health journey this festive season!

Needs some ideas?

  • Eat gluten-free or dairy-free
  • Start your morning with a protein shake
  • Water 1st! (first before coffee, first before meals, 1st before snacks)
  • Add in 1 serving of veggies
  • Take your supplements. 

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